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You have the power, nobody else

You have the power, nobody else. Please remember that. Often when people feel anxious, depressed and insecure, they perceive life negatively. While everyone can experience the above, women, especially, may face a unique set of mental health challenges.

Some of these are:

Low Self Esteem/Self Worth is to a great extent tied to how much you value yourself. If a woman can’t believe she is good enough and devalues herself, how can she believe a loving partner could choose her? Self-esteem issues may stem from childhood, abusive relationships or bullying. Women with low self-esteem tend to be critical of themselves and feel unhappy and unwanted. As a result, they may be attracted to destructive relationships where these feelings get validated.

Infertility: Most women assume they will be able to get pregnant once they are ready, yet this not the reality for many women, resulting in a devastating experience and feelings of despair, hopelessness etc.

Discrimination: Throughout history women have experienced many forms of oppression, and, nowadays, still struggle with sexual harassment, derogatory comments from men and feeling unsafe in certain situations. Unfortunately, discriminated individuals often escape instead of facing the problem.

Domestic Violence: some of the most common ways of domestic violence are name-calling, stalking, humiliation and manipulation. When women are in abusive relationships, they may feel unwanted, depressed or isolated.

Postpartum depression spans a wide spectrum, from mild sadness to anger, guilt and anxiety. In most cases, if not treated, it can persist for years.

Eating Disorder is not an invention, but a disorder that affects the health of more and more people. Eating disorders are typically rooted in self beliefs from childhood. When women suffer from eating disorders, they can experience social isolation and obsessive thoughts about food.

Sexual Abuse in itself is hugely traumatic and can lead to anxiety, struggle to form relationships, feeling unsafe in future sexual situations and suicidal thoughts.

If you experience any of the above mentioned issues, reach out for help.


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