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Remember that only you hold the key to your happiness! You don’t need to change the whole routine to instil a dose of it into your life. Simply:

- Be grateful for the good and the bad.

Happiness is NOT the absence of negative emotions and unpleasant events but appreciation of what your have in life without complaining about what you don’t have. Aim to improve your mood by pausing to think about events in your life with gratitude.

- Lower your expectations.

Stop expecting people around you, including parents, children, friends, colleagues, to act and respond exactly as you would like them to - it’s a game you’re guaranteed to lose. How often do your friends let you down, your partners neglect you, you get ignored at your favourite coffee shop or restaurant and your deliveries get delayed? When our expectations are unmet, we feel angry, disappointed and hurt. And we unconsciously step onto a path of self destruction. To avoid that, let go of all expectations, be yourself and let people be themselves.

- Do not limit yourself in your mind. Dare to dream! Dare to want! Dare to trust that everything is possible! Dare to trust your intuition! And from this level of consciousness you can do anything!


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