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Psychosomatic disorders are often a response to different factors and conditions that determine the personal qualities of a person.These can range from heredity, influence of parents, stress experienced in childhood to overwork, various anxieties and influence of bad habits. These may be the main factors in the formation of psychosomatic disorders. The treatment of psychosomatic disorders is based on an integrated approach. It is based not on the administration of drugs but on psychological assistance, which is necessary for the recovery. My work is aimed at bringing person's awareness of the existing problem, which serves as a catalyst for the formation of a disorder. A full awareness of the problem and its acceptance is the starting point for the beginning of the healing process, which will inevitably come in the future and will enable a person to fully enjoy life.


If you are worried about conflicts at work, at home or about your health, then everything is okay, anxiety is a natural reaction to objectively existing problems. However, if you cannot identify a clear source of anxiety, constantly wind yourself up and see danger in any situation, you should think about visiting a psychologist. KM Therapy helps individuals  stop anxiety and overcome fears. A goal is to help individuals to become aware of their feelings and thought processes and how these have led to maladaptive behaviour. It is then important to devise and construct elements of change in individuals thinking and behaviour that can be implemented in the their lives.



"I want and I don't get it!" - hence the bad mood and irritability. The reason for a bad state always lies in an unsatisfied desire. For 95% of people, this is a lack of love, money or success. As soon as a person gets what he wants, the bad mood usually disappears. Unfortunately, a depressed person does not know what he wants. What to strive for? Why to get up in the morning? Depression is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how people feel, the way they think and how they act. Depression, which ranges from mild to severe, can be an extremely debilitating condition. It should by no means be considered as a weakness in personality. People can experience a wide range of symptoms , including prolonged feelings of sorrow or distress, feelings of guilt and intolerance for themselves and difficulties with sleep, socialising and sex drive. Treatment for depression helps to tackle these issues to help the individual onto the path of recovery.


It is actually ok to feel anger, it is a perfectly normal human emotion and even helps guide us in certain situations. Therefore, it is beneficial for us to have the ability to be able to feel anger. It is actually when people try to suppress their anger that it does the most harm. To address anger related difficulties, I teach you how to assert yourself in a calm, clear way at the earliest opportunity and show you how to release your anger and frustration regularly so that your outbursts of anger stop occurring in a way that you feel you can not control or in ways that leads to negative consequences.

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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, which can include symptoms such as a heavily pounding heart, shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness, can have a terrible effect on quality of life. They can come "out of the blue", leaving the victim very vulnerable. Some people are prone to panic attacks because of a traumatic experience in their past, while others suffer panic attacks alongside another underlying condition, such as agoraphobia or post-traumatic stress. 


Addiction is when someone becomes involved in a cycle of turning to substances or activities regardless of the negative impact it has on their life. Addictions start early on in life when people grow up in an environment where they do not learn to regulate their emotions well, often due to childhood emotional neglect or trauma. As a result of this, people attempt to suppress their emotions using additive substances or behaviours rather than dealing with emotional changes in a healthy way. Effective addiction treatment involves restructuring how someone deals with their emotions.

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